The bankruptcy laws are popularly referred to by their chapter number which corresponds to the relevant chapter of the Bankruptcy Code. There are five different chapters debtors may file under, three of which are for individuals: Chapter 7 Liquidation, Chapter 11 Reorganization, and Chapter 13 Reorganization.
The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention & Consumer Protection Act requires debtors to pass more stringent guidelines to determine whether they can have their debts liquidated through Chapter 7, or whether they must enter a repayment plan through Chapter 13. Because the new laws make it more difficult for consumers to file bankruptcy, you should seek a bankuptcy attorney's advice. The Law Office of Jose Polanco has the expertise to guide you through this complex and difficult process.

To learn more about whether bankruptcy is the right move for you, click below to download the U.S Government's Bankruptcy Basics. It explains all the different types of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy includes the following categories:

Business Bankruptcy
Chapter 11
Chapter 13
Chapter 7
Collections & Repossessions
Credit Disputes
Credit Repair
Credit Restoration
Creditor Harassment
Debt Relief
Family Farmer Bankruptcy Chapter 12
Municipality Bankruptcy Chapter 9
Personal Bankruptcy